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State of things - 2021

A small update after some years. I started doing travel videos at some point and I noticed I never advertised them here until now. Note that this is just a hobby and the videos are completely non-commercial.

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State of things - 2018

Nobody would except any news here and don't consider this an update. I have a full-time job since several years now and there is little time for my old website and my projects. Nevertheless, I just stumbled across some things I wanted to share since I really like what happens in the community: You can find the source code of Times of Troubles at GitHub as well as patches built upon that at ModDB including ports for Linux and macOS.
Last but not least, there are Let's Play and Walkthrough videos of both Times of Troubles and E.T.F. at YouTube.

Note that none of the above was made by me. Back in 2003 YouTube didn't even exist. It's pretty cool what was done by the community after all those years.