articles • Steam: Half-Life 1 HD Models              Released: February 2009


Comparison between the low definition (left) and the high definition models (right). Confirmation after successful installation of the high definition models.


When Blue Shift was released back in 2001 it also featured the high definition pack that updated many models of Half-Life 1, Opposing Force and of course Blue Shift.


With the Steam Update on August 29th, 2005, Valve released the High Definition Models on Steam for all owners of Half-Life 1.
Since then you may easily install the shiny models for Half-Life 1, Opposing Force and Blue Shift.

Note: You may copy & paste these links into Start -> Run...

After you've clicked the installation link for the first time, Steam will download the neccesary files and will confirm the installation with a message box (same goes with removal).