projects • The Dark Wars Trilogy                Released: 2003 / 2004 / 2008


Dark Wars I - The Fallen. Dark Wars I - The Fallen. Dark Wars II - The Revenge. Dark Wars II - The Revenge. Dark Wars III - The Chase. Dark Wars III - The Chase.


The Dark Wars trilogy is a series of Star Wars fanfilms that were produced by some friends and myself from 2003 to 2008.
Below you can find some information about every movie of the trilogy. If you want more specific information, including about the team itself, or if you want to watch the movies, please visit the official Dark Wars homepage.

The Movies

Dark Wars I - The Fallen

Back in 2002, me and some friends, decided to create a Star Wars fanfilm. A long time we thought about what we could do with our little resources and what had to be done to achieve these goals.
In the end, Dark Wars I - The Fallen turned out as a collection of random scenes along with some more or less clumsy light saber fighting. Despite this fact, some of the scenes turned out to be quite memoreable.
We realized that making a fanfilm was much more work than we first had thought. The Fallen was released in May 2003. Nevertheless we had a lot of fun making this one and we learned much for the future.

Dark Wars II - The Revenge

About a year after our first attempt to create a film on our own, we released the second one: Dark Wars II - The Revenge. This time, story elements were reduced to a minimum and we focused on a more intense light saber duel. To achieve this, we asked two friends who were familiar with several fight styles to take part in our little movie. The backstory itself was told in both the intro crawl and a short flashback. Altough Revenge was shorter than Fallen, we were much more satisfied with the result of our work this time.

Dark Wars III - The Chase

After the second episode of Dark Wars had been released in November 2004 we immediately started working on our next movie. This time we wanted to do a more story-driven fanfilm than our first ones.
I started writing the script back in 2004 and after that a long time of pre-production was about to begin. Again we struggled about what could be done and how it could be done.
In 2005, a year before we finally shot the actual scenes, we did a pre-shoot so we could see how our scenes (that only existed on paper back then) could look like. This was rather helpful and gave us a glimpse of what the final movie could look and feel like.
It took a lot of time finding actors and building props for our new movie. In 2006 the principal shooting was done in four days, including two days of bluescreen work. Another day followed in 2007 and another one in 2008.
After nearly four years of production Dark Wars III - The Chase has been released in December 2008.