projects • MathoMadaja                                             Released: June 2008


The graphical user interface of 'MathoMadaja'.


MathoMadaja is a small and easy to use taskplaner for Microsoft Windows. It was a semester project from students at the Hochschule Esslingen - University of Applied Sience.

We wanted to create an application that made it easy for the user to accomplish often used tasks, for example creating backups, deleting temporaray files or renaming many files at once. It also supports recurrence to execute your most often used tasks automatically after a certain period. For a better understanding, every action of MathoMadaja is protocolled in a user friendly log file.

MathoMadaja has been programmed in C / C++. For the grapical user interface we used the cross-platform application framework Qt. A requirement of the semester project was a full documentation of the application. Both the documentation and the application including its source code can be downloaded at the official homepage.

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