projects • Times of Troubles                                   Released: August 2003


Black Mesa after the incident. A security guard helping the player. Black Mesa's office complex. Zombies waiting for the player in a cafeteria. An outdoor tunnel entrance ...


Times of Troubles is a single-player modifaction for Half-Life 1 containing seven new maps taking the player once again through the Black Mesa Research Facility.
The story takes place after the scientist in the Lambda Complex tried to teleport you to the borderworld, e.g. Xen. In the alternate timeline of Times of Troubles the scientist who teleports you mixed up the coordinates and teleports you into another part of Black Mesa.
After being unconscious for a long time the player wakes up. While having lost both weapons and the H.E.V. suit and with no knowledge of his location the player has to escape his hunters, the marines, and has to find a way to escape Black Mesa ...

Note: You need the latest version of Half-Life 1 via Steam.



Times of Troubles


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